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Premarital and Marital Enrichment
Building a Strong Foundation

Prepare-Enrich is about building a solid foundation for your relationship. Many couples spend money on all the wedding details but forget to invest in the relationship. Investing in Prepare-Enrich is investing in your relationship and working to build a strong foundation for your marriage.

Already married? Sometimes our foundation can get some cracks along the way. Prepare-Enrich can help to repair the foundation and re-strengthen your marriage.


What is Prepare-Enrich?

Prepare-Enrich is a solution focused curriculum utilizing an assessment to identify the strengths and areas of growth for your relationship. Couples meet with a counselor to discuss their relationship and to work on solutions for ares of growth.

Prepare-Enrich Premarital Counseling Addresses:

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Financial Management

  • Leisure Activities

  • Sex and Intimacy

  • Relationship roles

  • Spiritual Beliefs

  • Marriage Expectations

  • Children and Parenting Expectations

  • Family of Origin Dynamics

  • Personality Differences


Couples who complete 8 sessions of premarital counseling are

eligible to receive their marriage license for free!

Contact Andrea today to discuss premarital packages.

Next Class Date: September 16th 8am-5pm 


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